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We all know the different names of pigmentation – hyper pigmentation , hypo pigmentation , dermal pigmentation, sun damage etc on the skin but do we really know the difference and do we understand why only specific professional treatments can be used on specific pigmentation types.

So it is important to know your type and what can be done for you needs. Technology is evolving daily and treatments are becoming more advance, but so important to realize that it start mainly at YOU.

SPF are just not enough – so if you wear a SPF invest in a good one and wear is daily. Even when you have a office job – this is essential. (Computer screens, Florence lamps – they all cause damage)

Besides your SPF the next steps are essential for more protection – I know this is not always possible but more essential when having an outdoor job or being outside the entire day.

  1. Good coverage of clothing while you are in the sun – eg hiking, gardening, playing with your kids at the beach – and cover there precious skin. THERE IS NOTHING LIKE “I HAVE A TOUGH SKIN COMPARED TO SOMEONE ELSE” – AND THAT IS THE TRUTH.

You might have a different type of melanin making you more able to “tan” than burn but not TOUGHER. Please remember that.

  1. Good hat – not a Cap 🙂 is essential. Most skin damage also happen on the ears, side of neck, cheek area alot and scalp. So this is very important.
  1. Pigmentation Inhibiting serum – most clients go for treatments to remove there pigmentation but don’t use aftercare. You need something to suppress the over production being created in the skin. This is applicable for ALL type of pigmentation – cause by systemic reasons (hormonal, medication, DNA destruction) or even UV Exposure ( UVA, UVB, INFRARED, VISIBLE RAYS). It is important to wear this daily as this prevents, slightly lightens and blocks the new pigmentation from forming.

Look for a product containing Kojic acid, Arbutin, Bearberry extract, Azeliac acid, Ascorbic acid, Alpha Tocopherol, Linoleic acid,Niacinamide, Retinoic acid, Lactic acid and Liquorice extract.

These are just a few and with technology we will discover even more.


My product recommendations for skin struggling with pigmentation:

Lamelle Helase

Heilocare 360 SPF

LAMELLE Brightening serum

Skin Ceuticals Phloretin


For more info on these products please email me on or contact me on at Layers Skin Clinic.