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GHD ensures a good hair day at our school

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The team from GHD with their top educator Jennifer Chatburn visited our new class of eager new hairstylist and needless to say, we loved every minute of it. Jennifer’s years of experience not only educated the class, but thoroughly entertained everyone with her jokes and anecdotes. We learnt about what all their products and tools can offer, both in terms of styling needs, but also the science behind the beauty and why their patented 185 degrees Celsius heat styling tools will protect your clients hair while still giving them their desired style. We were shown a variety of curling techniques, all of which will be priceless for each student in the coming months. And their amazing selection of styling products really cater for such a variety of looks that, and with the addition of their new Split End Treatment, they also offer after-care that ensures your hair will always look and feel great. Here are some video snippets of the talk, as with all great craftsmen, it is key to be able to see them in action.

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