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Course Outline


Alicia Buckle, school of hair and make-up is a private, tertiary institution that specializes in the training of students in professional make-up and hairstyling artistry.
Through My Teachings The Students Will Gain – an all-round understanding to the preparation of your working environment, treatment area, tools, materials, clients and self.
Make-Up Kits And Essential Tools – professional products, professional tools, choice and use of professional make-up brushes.
Brow Shaping – How to achieve the correct eyebrow shape according to facial shapes, including lash and brow tinting

Skin Care – basic functions and anatomy of the skin and basic skin care and skin assessment, preparation of skin for application of products. An in depth understanding of the different types of make-up, make-up applications, make-up products, its advantages and disadvantages.

We Will Also Cover The Following Important Topics – the use of specialized lighting, corrective make-up for all face shapes and skin types and skin imperfections.

Colour Theory – how to choose the correct colour for your client, understanding the undertone of your client’s skin. Different eye colour applications.

Foundation – Use of foundations for all types of skin and different product houses, Students will learn how to make their own colour.

The course including neutralizers, concealers and powder.

Eye Shadow – different eye shades, different eye shadow application, corrective application. And examines techniques and all aspects of the eyes in detail.

Blusher – corrective blusher application according to cheekbone structure, choosing the right colour

Lip Liner And Lipstick – corrective application

Make-up techniques:

Day make-up
Evening make-up
Special occasion make-up
Bridal make-up
Mature make-up application
Ethnic skin make-up application
Asian make-up
False lashes application (individual & strip lashes top and bottom)
History of make up
Period make-up (1920, 1930, 1940, 1950, 1960, 1970 make up applications)
Make-up for magazines, make-up for television, make-up for fashion shows
Art on the face
Different eye make-up application (i.e. long eye, cat eye, Cleopatra, smokey, classic, leopard eyes and the like).
Men’s grooming

Business Management – how to get yourself “out there”, how to become established as a freelance make-up artist, sending out emails / quote’s, booking form, invoice, self- image.

Some Career Ideas – freelance make-up artist, make-up artist for the local market in department stores, make-up artist in television field, make-up artist for magazines and advertising publications, private make up lessons and workshops.


In depth understanding of the product and use of airbrush make up


This course deals with the fundamentals of hair styling- it provides you with the important basic knowledge and skills that will allow you to maximize your creativity – boosting your confidence on set/event or wedding.

Course outline – Product knowledge 
Hairspray, Mouse, styling cream, volume liquid, thickening spray, gel, silicon, hair wax

Hair equipment

Blow dryer, Straightener (GHD) Hot curlers, Curling tongs, Wand, Hair crimpers, All
 different kinds of blow dry brushes, flat brush, combs 
Accessories:  Clips, Pins, Grips, Nets, Brooches


Sectioning of the hair
Blow drying long hair, short, mid length, including finger blow drying.
Correct use of the curling tongs and different types of curls
Setting of hair
Correct use of a wand
Pin up curls,
Velcro rollers
How to make use of hot curlers
Correct use of straighteners (dhg)
Adding hair pieces and working with extensions

Hair styles

Correct teasing
Buns in various forms
Fashion ponytails
Knots & twists
Plaits – French, fishbone
Bridal hair
Fashion styled hair

The School
The Alicia Buckle School of Make-up and Hairstyling offers excellent practical and theoretical training for anyone interested in pursuing a serious career in the make-up industry. Her students are given the right tools, in both business and cosmetics, to start their careers as make-up artist and thrive in this industry. -
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